Principal - Mr Brendan O'Reilly

​​​​​​Thank you for considering our school for your child. Your choice of school is an important one as we work in partnership to promote the best possible teaching and learning environment for your child. Our school provides for the needs of all students through the provision of a nurturing, safe, friendly and welcoming community. Our core business is to provide this education in a school imbued with the Catholic ethos. We actively promote inclusion and access for our students. We teach the children Religious Education and also how to be faith filled people of God. We teach the values and life skills promoted by Jesus in the Gospels. We teach our children that whilst they are unique children of God, they are part of a community. As such, they have responsibilities, roles and rights in order to benefit themselves and those around them. Our policy and practice reflects the core values of our school which centre themselves around respect: respect for self, respect for others and respect for safety.

We are conscious of providing an education with exemplary pedagogical practice. We focus on learning as being different for every child and therefore differentiate the curriculum for our learners and promote and utilize an inquiry based approach to learning. We have a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset with regard to life long learning. We work from the basis of both student interest and need when designing learning experiences optimising opportunity and development for your child. We teach, plan and assess using the Australian Curriculum. These documents can be viewed at the ACARA (Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority) website: The Religious Education Syllabus is referenced to the Brisbane Catholic Education Syllabus Documents.

Learning should be exciting, active and engaging for every student. We hope that your experience of our school community is one filled with hope, love and joy.