Enrolment Policy

​Policy Statement

Catholic education at Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School has its foundation in partnerships between parish, staff, students, parents and the wider community. These partnerships are essential in order to build and sustain a faith community where life long and life giving education takes place for all.

Guiding Principles

Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School was established by the people of the Leichhardt Catholic Parish Community in 1967 to provide for the educational needs of local children. Our school is open to all who seek a holistic and faith-based education centred on the person, lifestyle and teachings of Jesus and who share the values of the Catholic Church. In order to ensure that we are able to provide the education that parents seek for their children, a thorough Enrolment Procedure is in place.


School has developed an enrolment process in response to the following criteria:

Is transparent, fair and based on selection criteria guided by Brisbane Catholic Education and giving priority to current families and baptised Catholics.

Uses its resources justly and equitably to ensure a diverse student population.

Meets funding and legislative requirements. 

Enrolment Priorities

Applicants will be considered as follows. 

  • First; placements will be offered to siblings of students currently enrolled at Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School.

  • Second; placements will be offered to Catholics baptised in our Parish.

  • Third; placements will be offered to Catholic children within our Parish boundaries.

  • Fourth; placements will be offered t​​o baptised Catholic children outside our Parish boundaries.

  • Fifth; Catholic parent who have not baptised their children inside the Parish boundaries.

  • Sixth; Catholic Parents who have not baptised their children outside the parish boundaries.

  • Seventh; placements will be offered to all other non-Catholic children living in our Parish boundaries whom willingly accept and support the ethos of our Catholic School.

  • Eighth; placements will be offered to non-Catholic children living outside the boundaries who are willing to accept and support the ethos of our Catholic School.

​When the number of applicants exceeds the number of places available, the following may also be considered –

  • Church/faith commitment (you are invited to make a statement on the applicant's and family's Church / faith commitment - this also applies to members of a non-Catholic faith community).

  • Previous commitment to Catholic primary/secondary schooling

  • Parental expectations

  • Student's attitude to learning and his/her academic progress to date

  • Other relevant factors

Enrolment at Immaculate Heart is at the discretion of the Principal.​

Procedures for Enrolment

An enrolment application for the following year can be made at any time by obtaining an Application for Enrolment Form from the school Website. Prep enrolment interviews are conducted in the year prior to the child beginning Prep and offers of placement follow this process. A non-refundable payment of $50 is made prior to interview to cover administration costs. Most offers of enrolment are made before the end of Term 3.

Application Form is a form to be completed by parents expressing an interest in enrolling their child. The Application Form is accompanied by a non-refundable administrative fee. Lodgement of an application is not a guarantee of enrolment.

Please ensure that the following documentation is provided:

  • Documentary evidence of birth

  • Documentary evidence of Baptism

  • Immunisation Records

  • Copy of the latest School Report where applicable

  • Information about legal custody and or parental access arrangements eg. Court Order or Parenting Plan

Enrolment interview takes place by the Principal or delegate. Parents and their child/ren attend this interview. A series of questions will be asked to the parent and the prospective student/s. An enrolment interview is not a guarantee of enrolment.

  • ​Enrolment of children with Special Learning Needs will be considered in accordance with the Brisbane Catholic Education Enrolment Application Support Procedures for students requiring significant educational adjustments and/or the Students with Disabilities Policy.

Offer of acceptance. Upon acceptance, families are given an Enrolment Acceptance Form, which is to be completed by parents signifying their acceptance of the school's offer of placement for their child.

  • Applications are considered by the Principal, in consultation with the Parish Priest and decisions about enrolments will be communicated in writing.
  • Upon acceptance of an offer of place at Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School, a deposit bond of $200 per family is payable. This amount will be credited to the family fee account in the first term of the year of attendance.
  • Late applications or applications for enrolment to commence during the year are always considered with due regard to the eligibility priority criteria.  However, offers of a placement for such applications are contingent upon the availability of places in particular year levels. If no place exists, a waiting list will be established.

Conditions of Enrolment

In the interests of continued enrolment at Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School, parents and caregivers are expected to:

  • Accept a commitment to give every child the opportunity to experience the fullness of their faith at home and to give the child every opportunity and encouragement to practise it. All students attending Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School are to participate fully in Religious Education in classrooms and in the prayer life of the school through gesture, prayer, word, song and action. This is in keeping with the Religious Education Syllabus and the Religious Life of the School Document from the Brisbane Catholic Education Office.
  • Participate in and contribute to the achievement of the Immaculate Heart School Mission and the Vision for Learning and Teaching.
  • Support and encourage standards of behaviour based on the person, lifestyle and teachings of Jesus.
  • Be supportive of Brisbane Catholic Education, the School Administration, the teachers and staff working towards the safety and welfare of children and the efficient management of the school's facilities.
  • Assist wherever possible and support the school's activities and fundraising efforts of the school and the Parents and Friends Association.
  • Commit themselves to the regular payment of School Fees and levies.
  • Ensure that students have all of the equipment required to participate in the educational program and wear the correct school uniform as set out in the Uniform Regulations
  • Accept that all students will partake fully in every aspect of the school programme.​