Pastoral Care

​​​​Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School accepts its responsibility in the formation of self-disciplined young people who are able to think and act responsibly towards themselves and others. Our Behaviour Management Policy and Practices are based on the rights and responsibilities of all members of our community to be treated with dignity and acceptance and to respect self and others and their property. Behaviour management at Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School is a cooperative endeavour which actively involves students, staff and parents developing a sense of belonging, increasing self-esteem and image and promoting a greater responsibility for individuals actions.

Our Guidance Counsellor provides learning and processing assessments and referrals where needed. Our Learning Support Team follows up with families who are in need of further support and time to discuss issues and problems which do not in the main need referrals.

Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School accepts as its educational mission to spread the good news of Jesus. With an enrolment of over 260 students, we pride ourselves on the friendly, caring and welcoming atmosphere that exists in our school. New and existing families in our school community are acknowledged and students are made to feel valued and special. We promote a peer/buddy system between our senior and junior students and promote an active parent body through our Parents and Friends association which meets monthly.

Immaculate Heart Student Protection Contacts are:

  • Mr Brendan O'Reilly (Principal)
  • Mrs Kelli Broadbent (APRE)
  • Mrs Sarah Rerrie (Guidance Counsellor)​

These staff members are available to listen to any child protection issues and the added responsibility of following through with mandated reporting.