Annual Report 2009

Immaculate Heart School Annual Report 2009

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings

Immaculate Heart School is a co-educational catholic school catering for children in Prep to Year 7. We are located at 24 Old Toowoomba Rd, One Mile in the Leichhardt Catholic Parish. Our school supports the nine Key Learning Areas with:

  • a structured RE Program that aims to give children Religious Literacy. The program enables children to learn about the Catholic Tradition and to use this process to reflect upon their own spiritual growth.
  • Specialist teachers in Music, LOTE (Chinese), Library and Health and Physical Education;
  • Bi-annual trip to Canberra for Year 6/7 children;
  • Focus on the Arts through Dance Fever and School Choir;
  • Lead Teachers in each of the nine KLAs;
  • Upgraded facilities

Extra Curricular Activities

Children at Immaculate Heart School have the opportunity to be involved in:

  • Readers Cup Competition;
  • Instrumental band Program and School Choir;
  • Eisteddfod competitions including Ipswich eisteddfod;
  • Interschool sport competition;
  • Bi-annual Educational Tour to Canberra for year 6 & 7 Students
  • Academic competitions.

Staff Development Priorities for the Year

Staff at Immaculate Heart School will be focusing on the following priorities for Professional Development in 2009:

  • Assessment and Reporting and the use of criteria sheets and student portfolios;
  • Early Years Education with a focus on literacy and numeracy;
  • Religious Education: Spiritfire staff spiritual formation;
  • Whole School Literacy Plan with a focus on Writing;
  • ICLT: Implementation of targeted hardware and software.

Social Climate of the School

Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish and wider community. As a catholic school we ground ourselves and our mission, vision, policy and practice on the following beliefs:

  • The person and mission of Jesus is our motivation and example;
  • The dignity of every person must be upheld;
  • Authentic education is lifelong and life-giving;
  • We educate the whole person - spiritually, academically, socially, physically and emotionally;
  • Every child has the potential to be an effective learner;
  • successful education is reliant on strong partnerships between children, parents and school staff.

Strategies for Involving Parents in the Education of Their Child

Parents play an integral role at Immaculate Heart School through:

  • An active Parents and Friends Association;
  • Parent involvement in classroom activities;
  • Social events - fair, trivia night, disco, morning teas, orientation days
  • Sport coaching;
  • Attendance and participation in Assemblies and Liturgy;
  • Parent Courses offered through the school including Triple P Parenting;
  • Communication through newsletter, website, parent meetings;
  • Student support meetings.

Teacher Qualifications

​Number ​Qualification
​7 ​Bachelors Degree
​1 ​Masters Degree
​1 ​Doctorate
​5 ​Postgraduate Diploma

Expenditure on and Teacher Participation in Professional Learning

At the beginning of each school year the school community sets short term goals based on our 5 year Renewal Plan. These goals focus on aspects of the curriculum, resourcing, community building, administration and capital works/maintenance. Staff professional development priorities align with the yearly school curriculum goals. Strategic Renewal Funding spent on Professional Development in Literacy, Numeracy, Behaviour Management, Religious Education, other KLAs and Curriculum Development totalled $25330 for the 2009 school year. Additional to this are seven Professional Development Days for Teaching Staff.

Average Staff Attendance for the School


Proportion of Teaching Staff Retained From the Previous School Year


Average Student Attendance Rate


School Reflection on Student Performance in Literacy and Numeracy

The data presented here supports the successful delivery of the connected curriculum at Immaculate Heat School. Literacy and Numeracy Blocks have continued to enhance the knowledge, skills and critical reflection skills of students and staff. An emphasis on early years literacy and Writing is has been a major focus for 2009. This includes a review of the teaching and learning of the writing process as a whole school and the implementation of First Steps Writing.

Parent, Teacher and Student Satisfaction with the School

A range of indicative data is collated to inform school policy, procedures and practices. Parents, Staff and students are consulted on many issues and play an important role in providing the school principal with feedback. A School Board is responsible for overseeing parent and community surveys and questionnaires. This data is used to help set school goals, provide feedback and help maintain the School Renewal Plan. Parents and Friends meeting agendas and feedback also provide invaluable information about parent satisfaction.

Comments from children on the latest school pamphlet include:

  • I have lots of friends. Everyone joins in and plays.
  • All of my friends go to this school.
  • Our teachers are wonderful.
  • I like being in the choir.
  • It's a fun place to learn.

Annual Action Plan (Goals and Strategies) in Relation to School Strategic Renewal Plan

Schools Progress (Achievements) Against the School Strategic Renewal Plan for the Year

Value added by School Report


Comparison Table of School and QLD average NAPLAN scores by cohort and field​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Year 3 ​ ​Year 5 ​ ​Year 7 ​
​School Average Score ​QLD Average Score ​School Average Score ​QLD Average Score ​School Average Score ​QLD Average Score
Numeracy ​419 ​372 ​471 ​470 ​542 ​539
​Reading ​490 ​386 ​460 ​478 ​540 ​533
​Writing ​389 ​395 ​418 ​466 ​523 ​525
​Spelling ​396 ​376 ​460 ​466 ​545 ​533
​Grammar and Punctuation ​447 ​394 ​462 ​486 ​549 ​534



Comparison Table of School and QLD percentage of students who performed at or above the National Minimum Standard​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Year 3​ ​ ​Year 5 ​ ​Year 7 ​
​School Percent Score ​QLD Percent Score ​School Percent Score ​QLD Percent Score ​School Percent Score ​QLD Percent Score
Numeracy 100%​ ​87% ​100% ​94% ​93% ​95%
​Reading ​100% ​94% ​91% ​91% ​100% ​94%
​Writing ​94% ​95% ​78% ​92% ​100% ​92%
Spelling ​100% ​91% ​96% ​92% ​100% ​93%
​Grammar and Punctuation ​100% ​88% ​96% ​91% ​93% ​92%