​​​Assistant Principal Religious Education (APRE) - Ms Mia Curtis

The Mission and Vision of Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School is summed up in the three words; learning, partnerships and kingdom. Through partnerships, we cater for students with an inclusive, holistic and contemporary curriculum to help to nurture the Kingdom of God as proclaimed and lived by Jesus. Accordingly, our school strives to demonstrate the gospel values of love, liberation and justice in all that we do, ranging from our approach to teaching and learning through to our response to behaviour issues and support of social justice initiatives. In doing so, we strive to demonstrate authentic care for all, particularly the needy and those on the margins of our community, to preach and live the good news and to promote attentiveness to God's presence in our lives.

The APRE role is to support our Principal, Mr Kurt Dutney and Parish Priest, Rev Fr Stephen Bliss​, in the leadership of the spiritual dimension of our school. Religious Education is comprised of two important though distinct endeavours. 

The first is to teach people about religion which is best addressed in the classroom utilising best current educational practice. At Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School this occurs through the teaching of our Religious Education Program which is based on the Brisbane Archdiocesan guidelines and focuses on Beliefs, Christian Life, Church and Sacred Texts in the Catholic tradition. 

The second element of Religious Education is teaching people to be religious through prayer, celebration of liturgy and sacrament and social justice action.