We assemble as a whole school morning and afternoon each day. Students sit in prearranged areas under the direct supervision of their class teacher. Many times this provides an opportunity for an update of messages and announcements.

On Monday morning we have Breaking Open the Word. We explore the Gospel from the day before and relate the messages to everyday life.

On Tuesday mornings during Term 3 we hold the whole school Beating Bully Bulldozer and Bounce Back resiliency lessons. This involves teaching language and strategies for dealing with common childhood behaviours and promotes resilience. We include teaching about: life actions having consequences; how to seek help when needed; how to speak assertively and how to put life events into perspective through a catastrophe scale.

On Thursday mornings, the Year 6 students host a whole school assembly. This is when we sing the National Anthem, share birthday messages, give out awards and learn about/talk about the focus of the week.