Mission and Vision

Immaculate Heart Catholic Primary School is a community whose core values are:

  • Respect for self
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for the environment

The Kingdom of God proclaimed and lived by Jesus is experienced in our community as we:

  • build and sustain a learning community grounded in Jesus’ vision of love, liberation and justice.
  • develop a Christian spirituality through an integrated religious education program.
  • engage in an active Christianity using sign, symbol and action.

 Working in partnership, our relationships:

  • promote a sense of belonging in our school community.
  • nurture an environment in which all feel accepted, valued and supported.
  • develop positive, open and honest communication.

 Our curriculum is designed to be inclusive, holistic, contemporary and individual in order to:

  • support and nurture each child to develop the skills to be a life long learner.
  • offer a creative program which is broad and balanced.
  • focus on outcomes for life and living.