Our school is part of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Parish of Leichhardt. Our Parish Priest, Fr Peter Dillon, and Associate Priests Fr Neville Yun, Fr Chukwudi Chinaka and Fr John Hong,  are an important part of the Immaculate Heart School Community whose members look to them as:

  • spiritual leaders, guides and friends;
  • teachers of Religious Education;
  • resource people;
  • links with the wider worshipping community.

Weekend Mass Times

Saturday Evening
6:00pm Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Leichhardt

7:30am St Joseph's Church, North Ipswich
9:30am St Joseph's Church, North Ipswich

The Sacramental program is parish based. Catechesis and sacramental preparation are related, though distinct activities. Catechesis is the continuing process of faith education and development and its goal is growth in maturity of faith. The school is involved in this area of catechesis through the religious education of the child. Sacramental preparation is the specific pastoral activity, involving family and parish community that precedes and accompanies celebration of the sacraments. Notification of the Parish Sacramental program will be given each year through the Parish Newsletter.

For further details go to the parish's website on

or contact the parish office:

Phone: (07) 3201 6298