Fee Structure

The Parent/s or Guardian/s responsible for payment of accounts is to sign the application form guaranteeing to pay accounts as they fall due. All applicants for enrolment receive a copy of the School Fees Policy. It is a matter of justice to all that every family makes a fair contribution to the financial operation of the school. The administration at Immaculate Heart may check payment and student records at previous schools and Parent/s or Guardian/s may be requested to provide a letter from their previous school indicating that all fees are paid at time of transfer. 


  1. School Fees are issued at the beginning of each term (4 times a year).
  2. Payments for school fees are due one month after the statements are issued unless Direct Debit or regular payment arrangements are made.
  3. Arrangements can be made in writing for fees to be paid in a lump sum in advance or over other periods of time within the term.
  4. Accounts can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card or direct debit. Direct Debits are able to be made at your request eg. weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.
  5. The Principal or School Finance Secretary must be contacted to obtain approval for an extension of time to pay an account if circumstances arise where an account cannot be settled by the due date.
No of students per family Monthly School Fees 2019 Term School Fees      2019 Yearly School Fees    2019

1 student in a family attending Prep - Year 6


2 students in one family attending Prep - Year 6

3 students in one family attending Prep - Year 6
​ 4 students in one family attending  Prep - Year 6 ​$479.00



  1. The School Fee Structure above includes the $70.00 P & F Levy per family per year.
  2. The School Fee Structure above includes Capital Levy $500.00
  3. The Levy includes excursions, visiting performances, art & craft, consumables, special celebrations and travel expenses.
  4. There is an enrolment application fee of $50 (non-refundable).

​To see our School Fees Policy click here.